Hallelujah, saucier!

No matter how great your dish is, without a sauce it doesn't come to life.

In the restaurant kitchen there has always been a certain respect towards sauciers. It's a talent which can save and totally destroy any dish. Good saucier doesn't stare the recepies, no he has a perfect palate and creativity like any true artist. Good saucier has the basic knowledge of making different sauces and sautéed items, but besides that he has to have a higher understanding towards colours, compatibility, flavours and appearence.

Dressings are usually duties of person who prepares cold foods in restaurant, but sometimes saucier is responsible of those too. Salad is just a salad but great one it is when you'll make a good dressing to go with it.

Ladies do not always fool yourselves, and imagine that eating salad is healthier choice. How many times have I been laughing to those who claim to be on a diet and they order heaviest possible Caesar-salad. If you are on a diet, eat at home or better yet: exercise more.

This morning I bought a salad from the gym and I made sauce for it at home. Easy and fast, but most of all: The best thing since wresting :)

Ingredients for my fabulous dressing:

2 spoons of mustard

1/2 teaspoons of blackpepper

1 teaspoon of herbes de provence(thym,rosemary,basil,oregano)

1 spoon of powdersugar

1 spoon of olive oil

1/2 cup of applevinegar

1/2 cup of orangejuice

Just mix everything together and pour it in to your salad :)


Hardest recipe of them all:)

It is so hard to do right choises. Nothing really is black and white, but sometimes it's easier just think that way, so you are able to make  decesions. It's hard to eat right, it's hard to exercise enough, it's hard to grow up your kids right, am I right?

It is easier to say yes than no!

Hoping and wishing just are not enough.Weather you are mom or president your decisions have a butterfly effect. Like all great leaders, moms are trying to be better than their predecessors. I believe that open discussion is a key to everything. There just doesn't exist recipe for perfect upbringing. If there would be one that suites everybody wouldn't we all jump on it?

Tricky thing is to get kids to eat veggies and fruits. Trust me, Chef's kids are not an exception. When you let them participate, results may surprise you :)

Here is a fruitsalad recipe that you can do with your kids and you almost have to :)

All you need is a lots of different fruits and good consommé over it.

Pick fruits that your kids like. Our family loves apple, grapes, kiwi, blueberrys and banana.

Consommé: Put about 3 cups of water in a caddle. Measure 1/2 cup of brown sugar in there. Add couple spoons of cinnamon and  scrape one vanilla bean in to the mixture.

Let it stir for a while and then cool it down. It doesn't have to be cold as ice,cause fruits absorbe better those nice flavors when consommé is little bit warm.

Pour it over the fruits and let it flavor up couple of hours before eating.

Don't waste vanilla bean!! You can put it in a pot with white sugar and after couple days you'll have vanilla sugar!

This is so easy, but if you want to make it more fancy or serve it as a dessert make a sabayonne sauce and some crunchy tuille cookie. Assemble those on top of your fruitsalad and serve them from martini glasses.

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Good and fairly simple option is also just serve it with ice cream:)

Cheap ass Sushi!

We decided to do some makis for supper, because my son wanted to learn how to roll sushi. It gets pretty expensive to buy all ingredients for sushi making. I have couple ideas that could  save you some money.

  1. Instead of real sushirice, you may use regular porridge rice. Much cheaper.

  2. Instead of ricevinegar, you may use regular vinegar just remember to add some sugar. Also,much cheaper.

  3. Sushi is not only for fishlovers! You can use plain vegetables if you want to. Very good alternative inside makis or on top of nigiris is Tamago yaki! It is omelette spiced with soy and sugar.

  4. Buying chilipaste just for sushi meal is dump. It's more than likely, that you use only couple of teaspoons and rest of it stays in your fridge and goes bad. But if you put rest of chilipaste to freezer, nothing gets waisted.

  5. Crab is so expensive, but like most of sushi places you can also cheat and buy surimi. It is imitation of crab meat. Truthfully, it is grounded fish meat, usually pollock or cod.[gallery ids="836,837,838" type="rectangular"]


US embassy chairs

Can you imagine that Bruce Oreck's muscular-ass has been farting on this chair?


Perhaps not... but I got these brown chairs from a friend last summer.

They are originally US embassys chairs, a tag underneath confirms that. I hope they don't want these back because I pimp those and hide ugly surface so that I really like them now.

I'm sure Trump would understand this covering. Old embassy-chairs just doesn't exist anymore, just like climate, vanished.


And if he desides on some reason to get these chairs back, I'm building a wall a round my house. I'm gonna make Oreck pay for it.

Solid plan :)

Great balls of fire


It's 2017. World is not ready by any means, but we are all trying to go forwards. We are all egual. We teach that in schools, we believe in it in workplaces. You can hear speechees about it and read about it from newspapers. It is profaundly human thing to believe in  egual rights no matter are you black, white, yellow or gay. Still after everything, there is still this group of people who are always suffering more than rest  of the people in workplaces, homes,  on the streets and in the wars. It's the race of Women.

I have always believed that there wouldn't be wars if women would be in power. Now I think war between women and total dickheads is closer than ever. I have huge list of really sick warcrimes just waiting for this war to start.

Ladies, lets crush some BALLS!!



This morning started participating childrensroom renovation. We are living in 100 years old house. There's so many things to be done and sometimes I feel like I wanna burn down the whole fucking place. But in the end this house have more soul then any of those new buildings that I've seen.

Lunch was inspired by Bali where we visited last summer. The area called Badung, where this lovely restaurant Milk&Madu. They are serving the most wonderful bowls of happiness down there.

This is super food for all occations. Obviously it's winter time now in Finland, so you can make it your own version what ever you happen to have like I did, but this is soo good that you wanna slap your mamma!

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Super-bowl ingredients:




diced cantaloupe



seeds, nuts & dryed cranberries

Fresh mint leaves


The Royal-pancake

I was just watching Kardashians and thinking about all that money and looks. Makes you think how extremely blessed you are if you don't have either..

This is the bomb of pancake recipes. My son actually said that this is "the best mum-pancake ever". Supplies don't cost much, and you can do it without professional chef! Imagine that!

1 litre of milk

4 eggs

1dl melted butter

3tbs muscovadosugar

1tsp of salt

5 1/2dl wheatflours

2tsp baking powder

Mix everything and let it sit for a while. Heat oven in 200 degrees(celsius). Remember to use baking paper and bake it about 15 minutes.

Regular whipped cream is great, but to step up a notch, put some vanilla and coconutflakes in it. Very goood :)

Recipe for my brilliant salsa

2 Tomatoes cutted in small pieces

1/4 Fresh pineapple cutted in pieces

1 Cucumber same thing about

2 Avocados chopped in small

2 Red onions as small as you'd be doing siders to blini's

Couple of claws garlig diced small

2-3 Fresh chili chopped

1 ts Grated horseradish

1 tbs Tomato paste

1 can/2 cup Tomato crush

2 tbs syrup

1/2 cup of Sweet Chili sauce

Fresh ground blackpepper

A Lot of Fresh Coriander chopped

Chop and dice everything like I said.

Mix all liquide things. Add rest of ingredients.

Goes really well also with tortillas, tacos, steak, crayfish and lasagne.

Enjoy :)

Aah Nachos!!!

We were having nachos last night. Excellent salsa, huge amount of melted cheese...what a treat!

This morning tried to making love with my husband but both worried about a "Spud" accident to occur. Nachos..so worth it :)

Yes mom and mother in law, I  really don't want you  guys to read this blog and I don't want you to call about it.

Have a nice weekend :)

How do u think these people would be treated in Finlands justice system: Donald Trump, Ted Bundy, Hitler ?

Well, Trump has a shady past in tax issues, so he would face a long time in jail. Ted and Hitler weren't at home while searching and might have been a bit insane while committing crimes so..



Lovely Mae Phim

I felt pretty sick this morning. Nose was running like a Jew's dick, and I propably had fever. I accidently sort of blow my nose to my husbands shirt. Disgusting, I know. But he said that I'm lovely. Then he brought the whole pharmacy to me. So i'm gonna be okay :)

But it got me thinking. You should always marry somebody smarter than yourself and vote for people that are wiser than you. So, i'm doing great, but americans, you are fucked.

It is increadible stupidity that Us has chosen such a dick as a president who really is thinking  building a wall to Mexico border. But as possible would be here in Finland, that government would charge a fee from everybody who wants to eat in a restaurant. Wouldn't surprise me.

Restaurant business is hard as you know, but especially difficult it is in Finland, because all the fees, taxes,regulations and bullshit that makes it almost unpossible business.In many levels it's insane to start restaurant. First you need so much capital to make it. Kitchen, eguipments, musik, lisences, staff, atmosphere, sober cooks and zillion other things. So basically a loan is huge.Customers are not willing to pay that much what it enguires to survive. After couple of years you need to renovate place again and voilà, you own more money to the bank that you can ever pay back.

Inspectors are visiting frequantly in all restaurants here.They try to keep standars obviously, I get it.But inspection is not free and they can do  that every week if they feel like. I remember one time when restaurant that I was working got a reclamation from inspector because of employee was wearing earrings in the kitchen.That notification is to all customers to see. It is reguired to keep on sight. So as a customer you make your decisions after seeing notification on the door, don't you?!  After that management was angry and chef  wanted to stuff a pineapple in to inspectors ass. Sideways ;)

She (-yes it is always she) was just doing her job. I don't know how you end up being an restaurant inspector it must be a calling profession.Now I actually know that lady and she likes to visit In Thailand on her holidays. Just like me! Yes,she enjoyes eating fried octopus with morning glory by the Mae Phim's shore where people are cooking  most bizarre stuff in their tuk-tuk. How funny that we have that in common, isnt'it???!!

Do we need that kind of surveillance all the time? Is Finland one of those countries were you need to be consious what you eat?. Hell no! You actually need to be educated to prepare food in here. About food handeling and serving alcohol you need to have certain pass , license and education. It is pretty controlled in this country.

If you want to be a massage therapist, you buy a massage table and bottle of oil and you are ready to do business.Even from governments point of view your business is seen as advancing wellness, so masseuse don't need to pay taxes that much.

So, if  in Kitchen Nightmares Gordon would offer possibility to just run, I mean if he would offer a choice between renovating or that he would buy those shitholes so that entreprenour would be free from loans, everybody would jump on it.

Restaurant owner is in marriage with the business and if you have kids they are too.No need to think about offsprings education or possibilities. There's none. Family owned restaurant sounds perfect and romantic, but it's a workcamp for life no possibilities of parole.

My grandad used to say;"-You dont have to run, when everybody else still crawling"

This restaurant business, would be nice business..without customers.

Naturally restaurant business is serving customers. Great service, better than you would get at your own home.  It is a very big thing in the whole business, even your food would be amazing it is still servers face that you see first and last.

One of my Chef used to say that "without a customers this would be a nice business". Humongous lies are being used when it comes to luring customers and advertising. For example,"restaurant invites the whole family to come and enjoy sunday brunch"..As if. Nobody wants kids there. Cooks and servers hate the extra work they need to do when it comes to cleaning after your little lovely faces :), restaurant owner is pissed because your kids are probably having something"small and cheap from kid's menu", and all rest of the customers hate the fact that you desided to bring your screaming offspring to ruin their sunday brunch.

I was once flying from Greek to back Finland, while i was seven months pregnant and at the airport dude in customs comes to me and asks -Are You pregnant?.

-No, I said.- I'm just fat. It felt sooo good ;) But my point lies exactly there. Every pregnant woman wants attention. It is just one of those things. When they go to eat it is great place to get attention. To make a huge fuss about what you can and can't eat. Some nurse said to me that even vinegrapes should be eaten peeled cause there might be deseases. Sure.. After washing... In Finland. How many people born every minute?  How have we survived? What a heck!? Overprotective moms are more dangerous to the children than anything that restaurant staff in Finland could prepare.

Then there is these lovely customers who share right away their "problem" with garlic etc. Besides garlic, most common once are bell peppers,onions and cellery. They usually don't make a huge thing out of it, but they use words like problem, or that it doesn't suite them. They refuse to explane it any better and so basically waitress assumes that it is an allergy. I get allergy, okay, i mean it could kill a person. No joke there. But then there is this group of people who really doesn't understand the difference between being allergic and just not liking something. So usually kitchen cooks are trying their very best to make a similar sauce, dressing or vegetables.. to that persons dish, so that they would be amazed. Groceries are not free for restaurants you know,  kitchen uses material, time and patience to serve this customer. It is either the moment, when waitress takes this dish to the customer or it is right after they have eated customer desides to open their heart and say that "Oh how nice ,a small amount would have been okay, but i really just don't like a visible garlic".  So, now doing an extra mail for customer is just fine, but.. These people are usually women in their fortyes. Harsh, but this kind of lady just needs a hug, she propably wants a cock and she most definately is a dick.

My grandad used to say;"- dont mess with the people, who handle Your food"

Christ!-no it´s just a cook.

How come chefs and cooks are still like gods in our eyes? Media has turned the hole business into something that nobody could have expected back in the 80's. Almost every tv channel sends shows about food. Don't understand me wrong now, i love it, i do. For god sakes, i'm a cook myself(been actually already 20 years).

Just that, reality is something else. Behind the scenes job itself is one of the hardest, nothing comes easy, people frying your steak are not that sexy and they get fired if they were earrings.

Behind every culinary tv show there is a massive group of people doing all the real work. All the big stars of business just make it look like it's so easy. They always have white and clean work jacket, lovely hair and make up on. Then again when it comes to food we don´t really wanna see anything else.I mean forexample when we go to instruction sight we assume people there to be bad ass, ugly, strong and dirty. It's okay, they are builders, but when it comes to food we want to see someone absolutely angelic and devine creature handeling our food.

It is more than realistic to ask how they are doing all these culinary competitions in tv? How much is true? How huge is the staff behind the scenes? How much do competitioners really now about "quickfirehallenges" before they actually start filming it?

As a wiewer we wanna see fucking drama!! Just that you would expect it to be in cooking but it's always about competitioners realitionships. Good tv i suppose ;) I'm pretty fanatic when it comes to Gordon Ramsay. Yes the mighty G.Ramsay. Back in the day when i owned very succesfull restaurant here in Finland i used to be so tired after work that all i was able to do was that i watched Gordon saving those sorry ass mother%%&&??"s in tv. Show  is called Kitchen Nightmare, finnish version is Kuppilat Kuntoon. To me it gave kind a hope when you saw people struggling with even bigger problems that i had. And obviously it was brilliant tv. Filming had done so that it appeared to be a really shithole without hope of surviving. Then Gordon pulled all the tricks,yelled his lungs out,crew painted the place and all was well again. Drastic difference between Finland and America when it comes to this kind of restaurant-rescue operation is the size-Yes,the size, my friend. They actually were able to turn some of these places around in US, but when they tried to do the very same thing in Finland it hardly ever was more than a last nail in to those already dying restaurants.Obviously budjet of these shows  between these countryes are quite different too, but the main thing is that Finland is just way too small country to be seen in tv as a bad cook. Compearing these shows is actually pretty funny, cause when it comes to G.Ramsey they were able to use thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousand for upgrading these culinary scumholes. In finnish version Jyrki Sukula was the God all mighty who had apparently 10 euros in his pocket when he tried to save these places.One new tablecloth doesn't really change that much. Shit is still pretty much shit.

My grandad used to say; "-In Russia everything is shit, except the pee"

Voi Jani!