Cheap ass Sushi!

We decided to do some makis for supper, because my son wanted to learn how to roll sushi. It gets pretty expensive to buy all ingredients for sushi making. I have couple ideas that could  save you some money.

  1. Instead of real sushirice, you may use regular porridge rice. Much cheaper.

  2. Instead of ricevinegar, you may use regular vinegar just remember to add some sugar. Also,much cheaper.

  3. Sushi is not only for fishlovers! You can use plain vegetables if you want to. Very good alternative inside makis or on top of nigiris is Tamago yaki! It is omelette spiced with soy and sugar.

  4. Buying chilipaste just for sushi meal is dump. It's more than likely, that you use only couple of teaspoons and rest of it stays in your fridge and goes bad. But if you put rest of chilipaste to freezer, nothing gets waisted.

  5. Crab is so expensive, but like most of sushi places you can also cheat and buy surimi. It is imitation of crab meat. Truthfully, it is grounded fish meat, usually pollock or cod.[gallery ids="836,837,838" type="rectangular"]


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