I stabbed my husband...

So, I was trying to help my husband in our renovation project. He asked me to cut this plaster panel while he was holding it steady. It was so cold , because we tried to do that outside. So I was shivering and yes, I accidentally stabbed him to the hand.

So today I made the very same dressing than yesterday only today it is littlebit red :)

Recept is allmost the same exept I'm using pomegranate instead of herbes de provence. Also instead of just mixing it with hand, it is necessary to use blender. Otherwise the sweetness doesn't burst out from the seeds of pomegranate.

Salad is couscous-watermelon-lettuce salad and on top of it I made these exquisite goatcheese rolls wrapped in a filopastry.

There is one thing that most people fail doing, and that's couscous. Even in great restaurants it seems that preparing couscous is difficult for some. In some reason people are doing it in a saucepan like it would be porridge, but that is so wrong. Result is often too clumpy and too moist.

I remember years ago when I was working in Paris they were preparing couscous so that cook had to wear several cloves while he was massaging couscous in his hands while chef poured steaming hot water all over couscous and poor cooks hands. I hated to be that cook on a shift. I used to dream of stabbing a fork in to my chefs knee because of this couscous preparing-method. It didn't make any sense to me back then, and now I know for a fact that steaming water is deffinately not necessary ;)

Most important is to spice couscous enough. I use garlic, mynth, oliveoil and salt. I put all the spices in a pan with about 3 cups of water. I heat it up only  that much that spices open up better and water is a bit warmer than hands.

Then I measure couscous ruffly about 2 cups in a plastic bowl. I pour spicy broth on the coscous and I let it wait for a while. After couple of minutes, I mix it littlebit with a spoon and then I level couscous and I wait again minute or two. Result should be loose and sand kind of texture.

So, now I used coscous in a salad, but if you want it to be hot you can heated up now in the microwave. This is so easy that I really can not understand why people f*** it up so much ;)

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By the way, my husband is fine, and smiling next to me :)

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