Christ!-no it´s just a cook.

How come chefs and cooks are still like gods in our eyes? Media has turned the hole business into something that nobody could have expected back in the 80's. Almost every tv channel sends shows about food. Don't understand me wrong now, i love it, i do. For god sakes, i'm a cook myself(been actually already 20 years).

Just that, reality is something else. Behind the scenes job itself is one of the hardest, nothing comes easy, people frying your steak are not that sexy and they get fired if they were earrings.

Behind every culinary tv show there is a massive group of people doing all the real work. All the big stars of business just make it look like it's so easy. They always have white and clean work jacket, lovely hair and make up on. Then again when it comes to food we don´t really wanna see anything else.I mean forexample when we go to instruction sight we assume people there to be bad ass, ugly, strong and dirty. It's okay, they are builders, but when it comes to food we want to see someone absolutely angelic and devine creature handeling our food.

It is more than realistic to ask how they are doing all these culinary competitions in tv? How much is true? How huge is the staff behind the scenes? How much do competitioners really now about "quickfirehallenges" before they actually start filming it?

As a wiewer we wanna see fucking drama!! Just that you would expect it to be in cooking but it's always about competitioners realitionships. Good tv i suppose ;) I'm pretty fanatic when it comes to Gordon Ramsay. Yes the mighty G.Ramsay. Back in the day when i owned very succesfull restaurant here in Finland i used to be so tired after work that all i was able to do was that i watched Gordon saving those sorry ass mother%%&&??"s in tv. Show  is called Kitchen Nightmare, finnish version is Kuppilat Kuntoon. To me it gave kind a hope when you saw people struggling with even bigger problems that i had. And obviously it was brilliant tv. Filming had done so that it appeared to be a really shithole without hope of surviving. Then Gordon pulled all the tricks,yelled his lungs out,crew painted the place and all was well again. Drastic difference between Finland and America when it comes to this kind of restaurant-rescue operation is the size-Yes,the size, my friend. They actually were able to turn some of these places around in US, but when they tried to do the very same thing in Finland it hardly ever was more than a last nail in to those already dying restaurants.Obviously budjet of these shows  between these countryes are quite different too, but the main thing is that Finland is just way too small country to be seen in tv as a bad cook. Compearing these shows is actually pretty funny, cause when it comes to G.Ramsey they were able to use thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousand for upgrading these culinary scumholes. In finnish version Jyrki Sukula was the God all mighty who had apparently 10 euros in his pocket when he tried to save these places.One new tablecloth doesn't really change that much. Shit is still pretty much shit.

My grandad used to say; "-In Russia everything is shit, except the pee"

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