This restaurant business, would be nice business..without customers.

Naturally restaurant business is serving customers. Great service, better than you would get at your own home.  It is a very big thing in the whole business, even your food would be amazing it is still servers face that you see first and last.

One of my Chef used to say that "without a customers this would be a nice business". Humongous lies are being used when it comes to luring customers and advertising. For example,"restaurant invites the whole family to come and enjoy sunday brunch"..As if. Nobody wants kids there. Cooks and servers hate the extra work they need to do when it comes to cleaning after your little lovely faces :), restaurant owner is pissed because your kids are probably having something"small and cheap from kid's menu", and all rest of the customers hate the fact that you desided to bring your screaming offspring to ruin their sunday brunch.

I was once flying from Greek to back Finland, while i was seven months pregnant and at the airport dude in customs comes to me and asks -Are You pregnant?.

-No, I said.- I'm just fat. It felt sooo good ;) But my point lies exactly there. Every pregnant woman wants attention. It is just one of those things. When they go to eat it is great place to get attention. To make a huge fuss about what you can and can't eat. Some nurse said to me that even vinegrapes should be eaten peeled cause there might be deseases. Sure.. After washing... In Finland. How many people born every minute?  How have we survived? What a heck!? Overprotective moms are more dangerous to the children than anything that restaurant staff in Finland could prepare.

Then there is these lovely customers who share right away their "problem" with garlic etc. Besides garlic, most common once are bell peppers,onions and cellery. They usually don't make a huge thing out of it, but they use words like problem, or that it doesn't suite them. They refuse to explane it any better and so basically waitress assumes that it is an allergy. I get allergy, okay, i mean it could kill a person. No joke there. But then there is this group of people who really doesn't understand the difference between being allergic and just not liking something. So usually kitchen cooks are trying their very best to make a similar sauce, dressing or vegetables.. to that persons dish, so that they would be amazed. Groceries are not free for restaurants you know,  kitchen uses material, time and patience to serve this customer. It is either the moment, when waitress takes this dish to the customer or it is right after they have eated customer desides to open their heart and say that "Oh how nice ,a small amount would have been okay, but i really just don't like a visible garlic".  So, now doing an extra mail for customer is just fine, but.. These people are usually women in their fortyes. Harsh, but this kind of lady just needs a hug, she propably wants a cock and she most definately is a dick.

My grandad used to say;"- dont mess with the people, who handle Your food"

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