Lovely Mae Phim

I felt pretty sick this morning. Nose was running like a Jew's dick, and I propably had fever. I accidently sort of blow my nose to my husbands shirt. Disgusting, I know. But he said that I'm lovely. Then he brought the whole pharmacy to me. So i'm gonna be okay :)

But it got me thinking. You should always marry somebody smarter than yourself and vote for people that are wiser than you. So, i'm doing great, but americans, you are fucked.

It is increadible stupidity that Us has chosen such a dick as a president who really is thinking  building a wall to Mexico border. But as possible would be here in Finland, that government would charge a fee from everybody who wants to eat in a restaurant. Wouldn't surprise me.

Restaurant business is hard as you know, but especially difficult it is in Finland, because all the fees, taxes,regulations and bullshit that makes it almost unpossible business.In many levels it's insane to start restaurant. First you need so much capital to make it. Kitchen, eguipments, musik, lisences, staff, atmosphere, sober cooks and zillion other things. So basically a loan is huge.Customers are not willing to pay that much what it enguires to survive. After couple of years you need to renovate place again and voilà, you own more money to the bank that you can ever pay back.

Inspectors are visiting frequantly in all restaurants here.They try to keep standars obviously, I get it.But inspection is not free and they can do  that every week if they feel like. I remember one time when restaurant that I was working got a reclamation from inspector because of employee was wearing earrings in the kitchen.That notification is to all customers to see. It is reguired to keep on sight. So as a customer you make your decisions after seeing notification on the door, don't you?!  After that management was angry and chef  wanted to stuff a pineapple in to inspectors ass. Sideways ;)

She (-yes it is always she) was just doing her job. I don't know how you end up being an restaurant inspector it must be a calling profession.Now I actually know that lady and she likes to visit In Thailand on her holidays. Just like me! Yes,she enjoyes eating fried octopus with morning glory by the Mae Phim's shore where people are cooking  most bizarre stuff in their tuk-tuk. How funny that we have that in common, isnt'it???!!

Do we need that kind of surveillance all the time? Is Finland one of those countries were you need to be consious what you eat?. Hell no! You actually need to be educated to prepare food in here. About food handeling and serving alcohol you need to have certain pass , license and education. It is pretty controlled in this country.

If you want to be a massage therapist, you buy a massage table and bottle of oil and you are ready to do business.Even from governments point of view your business is seen as advancing wellness, so masseuse don't need to pay taxes that much.

So, if  in Kitchen Nightmares Gordon would offer possibility to just run, I mean if he would offer a choice between renovating or that he would buy those shitholes so that entreprenour would be free from loans, everybody would jump on it.

Restaurant owner is in marriage with the business and if you have kids they are too.No need to think about offsprings education or possibilities. There's none. Family owned restaurant sounds perfect and romantic, but it's a workcamp for life no possibilities of parole.

My grandad used to say;"-You dont have to run, when everybody else still crawling"

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