Recipe for my brilliant salsa

2 Tomatoes cutted in small pieces

1/4 Fresh pineapple cutted in pieces

1 Cucumber same thing about

2 Avocados chopped in small

2 Red onions as small as you'd be doing siders to blini's

Couple of claws garlig diced small

2-3 Fresh chili chopped

1 ts Grated horseradish

1 tbs Tomato paste

1 can/2 cup Tomato crush

2 tbs syrup

1/2 cup of Sweet Chili sauce

Fresh ground blackpepper

A Lot of Fresh Coriander chopped

Chop and dice everything like I said.

Mix all liquide things. Add rest of ingredients.

Goes really well also with tortillas, tacos, steak, crayfish and lasagne.

Enjoy :)

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