In the best kindergarten They play guitar to kids who are sitting in a toilet :)

About an year ago I had a sudden opportunity to pick my kids from kindergarden already at noon :) Obviously I didn't call there ahead, because I wanted to surprise my kids. Instead, I was surprised. My kid was in the toilet trying to poo and a kindergarten teacher was there beside him playing a guitar so that my kid would get his "things" done and be amused at the same time.

That is the difference between huge daycarecentres in the cities and these small homelike- places in countryside, they truly do their very best around here ;) Today is Valentine's day and one of my childrens kindergarten teachers is going to start her retirement. We desided to make a cake for teacher as we made one for ourselves too:) Thank you for taking care of our precius ones, and wonderful Valentine's day to everyone :)

This cake has a candy surprise inside!getfileattachment-1

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