Reindeer with soy-eggs?

This plate is a proof that you can do a great dish even your fridge would be totally empty. I got this reindeer shoulder as a present yesterday. We have reindeer so rearly that I almost started to think that I would have to get something nice from the store to go with it. Instead I decided to be creative.  In the fridge we had: couple of carrots, onions, eggs, 5 tablespoons of lingonberryjam, two cups of gluhwein, 2 beetroots, 3 redish, soy sauce, and half can of cream cheese.

This is what I created of those ingredients: oven roasted veggies, beetroot-cream cheesefoam, braised reindeer in gluhwein and lingonberryjam and soy-eggs. This was quite good combination and I didn't spend a dime:)

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